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Family Owned. Locally Grown.

Hello, I'm Helen - Farmer's Daughter, Architectural Designer, Wife, Dog Mom, Vanilla Latte Lover, and...Popcorn Farmer?! I come from a long line of small business entrepreneurs and farmers so it's only fitting that a small idea would be made into reality. 


Pierce Popcorn Co. began in the spring of 2020 when I was finishing my architectural thesis project in my parent's basement (Ya know, when the world shut down). I never would’ve guessed that I would have the opportunity to live in Rugby again, so I wanted to take advantage of this strange time and thought that planting a small garden of popcorn at our farm would be a fun experiment. Now, if you ask a farmer to help you plant a garden, chances are they will want to plant it with a tractor...which is exactly what my Uncle Scott did! Throughout the summer, we watched the popcorn field grow. I needed a game plan on what we were going to do with all this popcorn. 


I was sitting at my grandma's kitchen island one day and glanced at a photo of my Papa Johnson. He owned "Pierce Implement Co." in the 70s where he sold International Harvester equipment in Downtown Rugby. It sparked -  "Pierce Popcorn" (I always love alliteration. Thanks, Mrs. Johnson). I didn't think twice about it. It was the perfect name for this small popcorn idea that needed to be a business operation! It combined family heritage, the love for my hometown in Pierce County, IH Red, and popcorn. 

We (Mom, Dad, Anna, Anders, Josh, uncles, aunts, cousins, Steve, and duck hunters) harvested approximately 3,000 cobs by hand that fall. I created a Facebook account, posted one time and within 48 hours, all the jars were accounted for. At this time, Covid-19 was surging and the majority of Rugby was quarantined to their homes. Customers around town would leave cash in an envelope near their front door and my sister and I would exchange it with jars of popcorn (yes, we felt like Santa Clause). The popcorn brought smiles to families’ faces as we waved through the window. Making a batch of homemade popcorn gave them something new to try during this time of isolation. It seemed like it was meant to be. 

Today, we celebrate our fourth popcorn harvest! We can't wait for our popcorn to make its way into your kitchen. I hope it can bring your family together for a snack that everyone enjoys. 

Pierce Implement Company
1970s | Downtown Rugby, ND
photographing first batch.JPG
Scott photographing our first ever batch of popped popcorn. October 31, 2020
corn picker.jpg
Cory driving the 1970s Corn Picker
October 29, 2022

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